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    Field Agent South Africa - 2023 Wrapped

    Apr 2, 2024 12:02:31 PM | John Hindle

    As we reflect on the year, we're often bombarded with summaries from brands and tools we use. Our phones tell us "Friends Over the Year," music apps shout "Your 2024 Wrapped is here!", and screen time monitors reveal hours spent scrolling (we won't judge!).


    At Field Agent, we decided to do a self-assessment of 2023's accomplishments, jobs, and milestones. We couldn't keep it to ourselves, so we're sharing it with you!


    Job Performance:

    Between January and December of last year, the Field Agent team completed more than 3100 unique missions for our clients. That's an impressive estimate of 260 missions per month! Our agents visited:

    • 111 fuel forecourts
    • 74 convenience stores
    • 837 fast food outlets
    • 983 retail stores

    They also completed on average 350 "anywhere" surveys and counting with an approximate of more than 900 online orders.


    Beyond Numbers:

    But it's not just about numbers. Within each job, whether it was a service & price check, in-store experience audit, sales recommendations analysis, online order experience assessment, or wait time measurement, agents took screenshots, photos, and answered questions. We received and approved 5,863 photos, 3,648 screenshots, and over 180,000 answered questions.

    These efforts translate to real client value. The answers we gather are the very questions your clients have. By addressing them proactively, you can deliver exceptional service.


    Impact and Empowerment:

    Over the year, our agents earned an estimate of R 430,000, with the highest earner making on average R 11,000. We believe in empowering people, and it's our best policy for achieving success.

    Why do our clients choose us every single time? Easy, our clients appreciate our direct contact with their target customers at the point of impact, giving them a distinct advantage in serving shoppers, outmaneuvering competitors, and driving sales.


    Gratitude and Invitation:

    Field Agent extends its sincerest thanks to everyone involved:

    • The companies we collaborate with
    • The amazing agent shoppers
    • Our valued partners
    • Those who follow our research (yes, you!)

    It's our pleasure to continue providing audits and insights to help your business thrive.


    Side Note:

    Whether you need in-store insights, product trial execution, shopper connections, or ratings and reviews, our platform is your one-stop solution for retail growth. Powered by nearly 200,000 real South African shoppers, Field Agent offers fast, easy, and cost-effective tools to overcome your retail challenges.

    Brands across South Africa trusted us in 2023. Over 19,000 of our agents engaged with the platform to seek missions or feedback insights, observations, and experiences.


    Ready to make 2024 your best year yet? 

    Start 2024 right with our retail solutions, here:

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    The Field Agent Team.