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Field Agent started in 2009 when a team of retail veterans and researchers met to solve a common business problem: real-time access to in-store conditions and shopper insights. From this initial meeting, we set out to "change the way the world collects business information" by combining crowdsourcing efficiency with smartphone technology.


When Field Agent's mobile app hit the App Store in 2010, it received 3,000 downloads in the first 20 minutes and became the first app to pay users real money for completing assignments!

Over thirteen years, just under 3 million agents, 7 countries, and more than 1,000 clients later, we've expanded our services to encompass a wider range of business solutions, including retail audits, market research, mystery shops, and competitor research.



How It Works

Field Agent harnesses the smartphones of shoppers across the country to help brands, retailers, and agencies spot, fix, sell, learn, and grow. 

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Our agents are real shoppers, doing what real shoppers do: visiting stores, trying products, writing reviews, and more ... all to help our clients win at retail. 

Agents are the backbone of everything we do at Field Agent. They audit stores, buy-and-try products, write reviews, and much more. To date, more than 2 million agents have downloaded our app.

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2.5 M+

Our Clients


Our Team

At Field Agent, our culture of servant leadership emphasizes the dignity and value of all human beings, and we consider it a sacred responsibility to care for our clients, agents, and team members.

This is more than business. 

From company picnics to development workshops, volunteer days to team lunches, our culture sets us apart ... and we believe it's noticeable by everyone we serve.

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