Our Tips For Identifying A Scam


TIP #1: Never Give or Verify Personal Information Outside the Field Agent App

Scammers will stop at nothing to get your personal information and rope you into giving them your money. They may even use recognisable, otherwise credible tools like Google Drive to disguise their scam. 


We will never ask you for your personal information outside the Field Agent app, nor will we ask you to verify your personal information outside the app.


TIP #2: Double Check the Email Address

The very first thing you should do is check the "from" email address. If you see anything other than @fieldagentsa.com, you're not talking to the real Field Agent.


Check closely. We've seen many spoof email addresses that look a lot like "Field Agent," yet they're missing an "i," or the lower-case "L" is a capital "I," or the domain is not FieldAgentsa.com


TIP #3: Be Cautious of Social Media Messages Offering Money

The Field Agent mobile app is the only place to find paying work from Field Agent. We will never ask for personal information or present opportunities for incentives or work to be completed outside the Field Agent mobile app.

On occasion, our Agent engagement team will reach out through social media to promote tasks available on the app, but we will only direct you to the Field Agent app to participate. 


TIP #4: All Payments Are Handled Exclusively Through the Field Agent App

ALL of the money you earn through Field Agent will accrue in your agent account, and we will only ever pay you through the Field Agent App via EFT. We will only email you for your bank details if we are correcting an erroneous cashout on your behalf. We will never offer payments to agents in the form of gift cards.


TIP #5: If you need more clarification, check with us.

Email us at agent@fieldagentsa.com