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    COVID: Modified Purchasing Habits for 2021

    Oct 29, 2020 10:29:59 PM | John Hindle

    COVID-19 has brought about many changes to almost every aspect of our lives. Field Agent believes that better decisions are made when looking at real-life data. We wanted to understand exactly how consumers have modified their purchasing habits this year; not only in SA, but across the world. A multi-faceted global review of real shopper behaviours can reveal hidden gems for retailers and brands looking to build strategies and budgets for 2021.


    We therefore consolidated the views of over 6 000 shoppers from the 8 countries in which Field Agent operates, comparing and contrasting shopper attitudes, purchasing habits and the impact of different retail and promotional activities both pre- and post-pandemic.


    By providing a global perspective and comparing shopper activities and perceptions across multiple countries, we give you a deeper context of how shoppers may behave through various stages of the outbreak and lockdowns.


    Please fee free to download our latest report here:

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