Truly In-the-Moment Insights

Field Agent crowdsources the smartphones of shoppers as they're in stores, on websites, at pickup sites, or using products at home, so you can understand your customers like never before.

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Product Insights

Capture in-the-moment customer perspectives at home or in-store, about your products

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Concept Testing

Look before you leap with product concepts; get feedback from potential customers


Shelf Evaluation

Determine whether your displays and in-store marketing really resonate with shoppers

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Mobile Shopalongs

Join shoppers in stores or online as they decide which products to buy

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Competitive Analysis

Don't let competitors gain a retail advantage; track their in-store operations


Discovery Research

Discover untapped informal channels; understand cultural and traditional suitability to your products.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Smartphones have revolutionized market research. Unlike traditional methods, Mobile Research from Field Agent specializes in meeting customers where they are, doing what they're doing. From store aisles to living rooms, we capture location-based, "in-the-moment" insights, so you can win more sales.

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Mobile Research for Your Business


Packaged Goods

Grow your brand by gaining clarity around shopper attitudes and behaviours



See your stores through the shopper's eyes, and get an edge on the competition



Collect insights on-premise, in-store, or anywhere your beverages are found



Tap into our data collection solutions to win tenders and fulfil your client's needs


Restaurants & Hospitality

Keep your guests and patrons coming back by understanding the full customer experience


Service Providers

Achieve and maintain best in class status with customer insights and competitive intelligence

We Make Research Easier

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