Mystery Shopping Reimagined

Field Agent has radically reimagined conventional mystery shopping, offering retailers of all kinds a smarter, faster, more affordable link to customer experience insights. We crowdsource your customers’ smartphones to gauge their attitudes toward online experience, store experience, staff engagement, store conditions, and product usage. With mobile mystery shopping, you get real experiences from real shoppers. Finally.

  • App based, Tech-Driven
  • In-The-Moment Perspective
  • Real Shoppers, Real Experiences
  • Extensive South African Coverage
  • Global Presence
  • Short Field Times
  • High-Volume Capable
  • Reliable Data

See What the Customer Sees

Who better to comment on the customer experience than the customer? Field Agent crowdsources your customers' smartphones to collect photos, video, and CX insights. Because they're already inside your facilities, interacting with your staff and products, you see exactly what the customer sees.



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The CX From Clicks to Bricks

Mobile Mystery Shops are omnichannel-savvy, and can be with customers even while they're shopping on your website. 
Your business goes everywhere shoppers go, thanks to mobile apps. Mobile Mystery Shops are there, too, capturing the in-app experience.
From sales floors to pickup sites, Mobile Mystery Shops go on-location to help you understand the customer experience.

It's Easy to Get Started

We're standing by to answer your questions and to help you get started. Plus, we're just fun to talk to.