Go Beyond Driving Trial

A Buy & Try enlists real shoppers to purchase your products in-store or online to try them at home. Throughout the process, Field Agent gathers valuable, in-the-moment feedback about merchandising, shopping experiences, product usage, and even repurchasing, all from the customer perspective, all to help you drive future sales.

Evolve Your Product Strategy

Enjoy the benefits of kicking multiple goals at the same time.

Scattergun sampling campaigns are more miss than hit - drive targeted trial with those that matter most, without the complicated campaign set up.
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Why give away samples when you can have shoppers buy and try the real thing? Help secure ranging and add to your profits at the same time - it's a win-win!
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Boost your online presence quickly and easily. No tricks, just verified buyers providing honest feedback and posting about their experiences online. 
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Buy & Try isn't just for new products, it's suitable for existing products too. Is your product not meeting expectations? Use Buy & Try to find out why.

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A fully customised, targeted way to drive trial and awareness, close the feedback loop, and boost your online presence.

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